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#Starbucks #Tea break. We’ve got a fast and furious drinker. (at CloudRaker)

My Amazon wishlist becoming reality. #startwithwhy #thefutureofvalue #contagious #difference (at CloudRaker)

I was doing it before Zac Efron. #ridinghorse #tbt

The reason I should go out more often. #heystranger

First class of #dancehall with one of the#blazintwins. (at Espaces Des Arts)

My nutritionist @vanperrone gave me an objective of doing my lunch. (I never bring lunch) The after-effect on my desk. (at CloudRaker)

Everything is amazing. My kind of lifestyle.

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Today, we’re all aligned. It’s stripes day. (at CloudRaker)

Are we bad people, considering bad digital behaviours?

The other day, someone asked if we were bad people.

He sent this link.

Here is my response:

Like any piece of technology, we human need to take a step back and decide whenever we want to use something for the greater good.

My understanding of what went wrong on people’s digital behaviours is that they don’t know why they use it. They just dive in and use it without any reflexion.

It’s almost like we need to re-educate the society of good digital manners: kids and adults.

Digital use has created the online disinhibition effect. It  is a loosening (or complete abandonment) of social restrictions and inhibitions that would otherwise be present in normal face-to-face interaction during interactions with others on the Internet.

We’re not bad people, we’re just adapting. People will learn over time what is socially acceptable and what is not. It’s the same as why don’t we wear pyjamas in the office. Because at some point, you were taught that this was not an appropriate behaviour. This will happen, but for digital. We just need to give it some time. 

Article to read (if interested)

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