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The new intern. Brainstorming on his own.  (at CloudRaker)
I love winter. Only in Canada.
My new boyfriend and me. Going for a romantic walk. #ithinkhesgoingtopropose (at Ubisoft)
Famous Mideastern Gyro and Chicken. Food Truck Experience. (at The Halal Guys)
Friday Office Outfit. Wat wat. #cloudswag  (at CloudRaker)
First Time #igloofest. The lights are pretty!  (at Igloofest)
Gigi or Jijy, same thing to my ears. I love people’s creativity in my name. #starbucks @starbuckscanada  (at Starbucks)
So, I won this thing called #boomerang. At #boomerang2013. Having fun on #socialmedia has his perks. @natrel @cloudraker with an awesome team @narbru @alwicz @beingserved @mdtremblay  (at CloudRaker)
21. November 2013

There are so many reasons. There are 2 themes to answer this question.

The technical reason : when something made the relationship impossible to pursue (i.e. a mistake, long distance, physical, etc,)

The philosophical reason : when 2 persons have different values and cannot bare their presence & when hate is more present than love. Usually, this happens when both evolve differently. When it does not answer ”what’s in it for me to be in this relationship”, something’s wrong.