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Gigi Huynh ''Win''

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My cousin with his first spring roll. It was hard work to get him look at my camera. #takingbabypicturesishard

Un des rares moments où je considère d’avoir des enfants. Sérieusement le groupe de jeunes les plus cool des Laurentides. #futursolympiens #conferencemediassociaux #cdesl

J’ai gagné le prix citron de la semaine pour avoir dormi durant une réunion stratégique un vendredi après-midi. J’étais assise devant mon directeur générale. #win

I discovered an awesome artist at #popmontreal. He’s @youngparis_. These guys have some killer moves. #youngparis

Screaming Eagle in #Montreal.

Artie and the ladies.

My uncle’s #coffee looks like a … cucumber. It was delicious. (at LIT Espresso Bar)

A while back. I made a presentation of the Theory of feeling in #love and how to keep it forever. #diagram #illustration

When 4 people in the same day tell you that they love your #stayhomeclub t-shirt - it’s because it’s a pretty badass #tshirt. (Yah, I know it’s a #selfie, don’t judge)