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Snack Time Campaign by Milk West: They understood the concept of not interrupting the user and adding value

I’ve been reading my Feedly feed under the topic of advertising and I came across this campaign: Snack Time.

Let’s say that it’s better than a campaign, it’s a mini cartoon serie.


The Advertising Agency is DDB in Vancouver, Canada.

Here is the description of the campaign:

The challenge was to remind teens milk is a great addition to their snacks when they’re relaxing at home. However when teens are relaxing at home they aren’t exposed to most traditional media channels. They spend a lot of time watching online videos so we created a cartoon web series called “Snack Time.” It’s a fun, quick and irreverent show about a carton of milk named ‘Carlton’ and his friends who all happen to be snacks that taste great with milk.

I rarely do this, but I must say that watching the three 30-second video made my day. I’ve been watching the Emergency Room video for the fourth time today.

It’s purely devine. I don’t know how the brand, the client and the agency came to dive into this awesome creative project - but I am thankful for this moments of joy.

To the people who worked on this: I love what you guys did. There is still hope to bring value to the user without interrupting them. 


- A Fan

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